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[Attention] 10 Signs of an oncoming Heart Attack!!


When the heart is dying it calls out for help, you see this when you see someone clutching at their chest and falling to the ground. By that point, you are seeing the last remaining symptoms of a heart attack and at that point, things can become fatal. Heart attacks are the main killer in the U.S and UK. even all kinds of cancer combined can’t touch heart attack death rates. It’s high numbers are because many people wait too long to seek help, thinking that the symptoms they are getting aren’t as bad as they think. It’s important not to ignore the symptoms you are having. Here is a list of symptoms that indicate you are having a heart attack:

10. Chest Pain/Pressure

Any pain or pressure in the chest that goes on for longer than a minute is cause for concern. Especially if sitting down or resting doesn’t make it go away.

9. Sweating

If you begin sweating for no apparent and it starts soaking through your clothes, it could be a cold sweat and chances are you skin coloring will go pale as well.

8. Fatigue

fatigue will come on suddenly and for no reason, it may come right away or a few days prior to your heart attack. If may also arrive with chest or jaw pain. If you experience unexplained exhaustion contact your doctor.

7. Indigestion

This isn’t a common symptom and most people are unaware that it can be connected to a heart attack. Indigestion with heart attack won’t come alone however, it will bring friends like pain, nausea and shortness of breath.

6. Coughing

Frequent coughing fits combined with wheezing is a good indicator of heart failure. You may also experience bloody phlegm when you cough.

5. Restrictive Feelings

The feeling of being suffocated is a common symptom of a heart attack. The feeling of having your upper torso squeeze really tight.

4. Jaw Pain

Pain in the lower jaw is a common symptom of a heart attack. A good test to determine if it is related to a heart attack would be to move our jaw around. If the pain worsens due to movement than it’s probably due to joint pain. However if you move it around and there is no change to the pain and it’s also accompanied by shortness of breath, sweating and discomfort in your body then seek help.

3. Dizziness

Heart attacks often start with dizziness and the feeling of being woozy. Lightheaded feelings and disorientation is often not associated with heart attack as people expect more dramatic symptoms.

2. Shortness of Breath

This is a sign that your heart needs some help. You should be calling for help if you have shortness of breath for any reason but it is also a sign of a heart attack.

Racing Heart

If your heart needs to work overtime it will begin to race giving you a good indication that something may be wrong.

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