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9 Signs of Depression in Women to Never Ignore


Although still a taboo topic to a certain extent, depression is a serious problem in need of an immediate solution. Depression is a condition of feeling powerless and lonely and is more typical for women, rather than men.

As a sneaky condition, depression is very hard to diagnose, especially if the patient is unwilling to show any related symptoms. Aside from being stressed and feeling hopeless, there are many other indications which can diagnose depression in women.

9 Early Signs of Depression in Women

No Energy

Depression takes away the will to be active and in good spirits. If you are feeling fatigued and overly exhausted for no good reason, you might be suffering a form of depression. 

2.    Poor Sleep

Insomnia and related sleep problems can be direct signs of depression in women. If you are waking up in the middle of the night, struggling to fall back to sleep, depression might be the reason for it.

3.    Feeling Desperate

Despair is a horrible sensation and a clear symptom of depression. Women fighting depression will often feel hopeless, finding no way out of a situation, and having no clue how to get out of this mess. 

4.    Mood Swings

Depression is a difficult condition to diagnose, but it comes with plenty of escalating mood swings. In women, a sudden turn to anger or revolt may be a sign of depression and can deteriorate the beneficial relationships in one’s life. 

5.    Eating Problems

Depression suppresses the appetite in women, which can later lead to many nutritional issues and additional health problems.

6.    No Interest

Women suffering from depression often lose interest in everything they do. From a simple chore to being intimate with your partner, a lack of will can be an early sign of this disorder. 

7.    Self-Harm

Women fighting depression frequently experience death-related thoughts and have considered suicide at one point or another. Suicide is never a solution, and it can empower and worsen the stage of depression you are in.

8.    Feeling Superficial

Depressed women will oftentimes feel as if they don’t belong anywhere, or as if their mind and souls are emptied of emotions and feelings. While this is not the case, depression tends to twist our thoughts and make us detached from the real world.

9.    Loss of Focus

Women who have serious troubles focusing on getting things done, could be facing early depression symptoms. Distraction is typical for depression, especially in women, and it is not to be taken lightly.

Know that depression, and particularly in females, is very easy to spot and diagnose. For that, an honest conversation or getting professional help can contribute to overcoming the condition and going back to your happy, fulfilled life.

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