Pesto Tortellini Pasta Salad

You’ll Love This

  • It’s so quick and easy! All you’ve got to do is boil the pasta, mix the dressing ingredients, halve the tomatoes, and dice the red onion! Then throw everything in a bowl, toss it together and lunch is ready. No fancy kitchen gadgets or cooking skills required for this simple recipe!
  • It’s light, fresh, and loaded with veggies! Pasta salads can sometimes be heavy – loaded with mayo-based dressing and sliced meats. However, this pasta salad is hearty without being heavy – filled with lots of veggies, and a super simple vinaigrette made with basil pesto and white wine vinegar. The light dressing coats every single nook and cranny of the tortellini so there’s tons of flavor in every bite.
  • It’s the perfect main dish, side dish, or meal prep recipe! It’s hearty enough for a main dish, and familiar enough that all your friends will want to dig in at the next backyard barbecue. I also like to make a big batch over the weekend so I’ve got lunches ready to go for the week!
White plate with pesto pasta salad garnished with fresh basil


Cook pasta according to package directions. Toss in olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Allow pasta to cool to room temperature.

Metal strainer with cooked tortellini in it