Thai Pomelo Salad with Baked Pork

Thai pomelo salad

Do you get pomelos in your country? This large citrus is super lovely and one of my favorite fruits. When it’s in season, I like to stock up on a few, then peel and store in the fridge. Let me tell you this, there’s nothing quite like cool pomelo popping in your mouth in the weather that’s forever hot. You could easily finish an entire pomelo and then die and go to pomelo heaven before you know it.

Yeah, it’s really that good.

And do you know what’s better than pomelo? (Hint: Title of the post) The Thai pomelo salad or yum-som-o, of course! This salad is super yummy and healthy. It’s got a couple of ingredients that bring their own unique flavors and textures to it. I particularly like pomelo, deep fried shallots and kaffir lime leaves together. You get some popping from the pomelo, a nice crunch from the deep fried shallots, and then a fragrance explosion from the kaffir lime leaves. People, this salad is bomb! Every bite is a little escape from reality!