Easy Healthy Cheesecakes Bites

Who’s ready for a little dessert? This easy Greek Yogurt Skinny Cheesecake bites recipe is just what the diet ordered. Having your cheesecake and not having to worry about all those calories in your typical cheesecake is a godsend.

mini cheesecakes on a pan

The creaminess of these Cheesecake bites is just what any person who loves dessert would want to experience.  The filling is lightened up by using greek yogurt and light or fat-free cream cheese and a low-calorie sweetener instead of sugar. We used pecans, oats, and coconut oil to make a healthier base.

There is nothing quite like this dessert and you won’t be able to stop at just having one! Your kids are even going to love this dessert, there’s just no going back to any other after you’ve tried it.