Crispy Baked Sweet Potato Wedges

These Sweet Potato Wedges are so thick and soft on inside but so crispy on the outside. Easy to make and perfect as a side or snack. An easy baked sweet potato recipe that’s kid-friendly, vegan, and gluten-free.

side view of baked potato wedges on a plate with side of ranch and ketchup

Nothing more comforting than freshly baked crispy potatoes. Especially sweet potatoes! Sweet, crispy, and so tasty! They are easy to make and ready in about 40 minutes. The key to getting that crispy texture on the outside is to make sure you soak the potato wedges for an hour. This will take out the excess starch from the sweet potatoes. Another essential step is to add some sort of starchy flour to absorb any leftover moisture. We love using either corn starch, potato starch, or tapioca flour. Another option would be using arrowroot powder. Baked sweet potato wedges are perfect to enjoy as a snack or serve as a side dish. It works really well with almost everything!