Mexican Breakfast Tostadas

Why you’re going to love these black bean tostadas:

  • They’re EASY PEASY to throw together. The only prep work you’ll have to do is dice the onion and mince the garlic! We’re talking just 15 minutes from the time you start making this recipe until it’s on your dinner table!
  • The flavors are AMAZING. Smoky chiles in adobo, classic cumin, sauteed onion and garlic along with hearty black beans combine to make the most delicious base for these tostadas. Top that with a runny fried egg, fresh cilantro, salty crumbled cotija and a bit of Pico de Gallo and you’re good to go!
  • They’re unexpected. Chances are good your friends might have tried a dish like this when they went out for brunch, but most don’t think they can tackle it at home. News flash: THEY CAN and so can you! Surprise your ladies next weekend with this quick and easy brunch dish that will knock their socks off!