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14 Body Signs That You Should Never Ignore


In most conditions of ill health, sickness or disease,  the most subtle signs are visible on your body, Certain parts of our body may change color, or ache or display a difference in texture like shape or sensation. your skin for example that will start warning you if impending problems but which many write off for nothing serious, yet we ignore these. psoriatic arthritis

You should try to understand how your body speaks to you and you should listen to it carefully and a focus. You should pay attention to the symptoms and changes that are experienced by your body, like change in color of body parts, cravings, and sensations which are experienced rarely. advertisement

No matter how different it may seem, there are 14 signals relayed to you by your body that something is wrong.

1.Pink feet  

“Baby feet” is one of the famous ways for manufacturers to advertise their foot lotions. But, if your feet appear to be very pink along with looking wrinkled and thin, spy. you should check your blood sugar level by getting a blood test done. Diabetes and other metabolic problems can be indicated by this symptom. You also need to consult an endocrinologist.

2.Hugging sensation

Hugging doesn’t feel good all the time. If you feel the sensation that someone is holding you tightly around your waist, legs or body good one, you should get a check for multiple sclerosis so as to exclude its risk. The sensation of wearing gloves or heavy shoes can also be experienced in your arms and legs. The experience can change from unpleasant to painful; you should pay attention to such symptoms and consult a neurologist.

3.Thinning of eyebrows

If you notice that your eyebrows have become thinner, you should get your thyroid checked out by a doctor. Hypothyroidism is one of the problems which can cause such symptoms. Here too, a simple base you need to consult an endocrinologist.

4. Swollen toes

You may feel no itching or irritation and might even have clear skin, but then your toes look swollen and look similar to sausages. They may also appear smaller. kind program Psoriatic arthritis can cause such symptoms and to find out what’s wrong, consult a Rheumatologist, dermatologist.

5. Loss of appetite

It isn’t a gift from the god for your weight loss that your appetite decreases and you lose interest in eating. While other conditions can cause this, it can be a symptom caused by some metabolic disorder to lose weight and having a sudden appetite loss, pleasant trip. Gastroesophageal disease can cause these symptoms along with acid reflux. Consult a Gastroenterologist.

6. Itchy skin

Skin itching can be symptoms of diabetes. You should check the area of ​​itchy skin before consulting  your doctor because it may also be a cause of allergies to new cosmetic products or insect stings. If these are not cases of itchy skin, base you should visit your endocrine specialist so that you can examine them.

7. You cannot tolerate being inside

 You’ll notice that there are some people or you may always need ventilation by opening a window in your home or car. You will also find it easier to breathe out compared to breathing in the office or home. You should test your heart to avoid being exposed to heart failure, the annoyance The thyroid gland also accompanies these symptoms, which are similar to being terrorist, so you should also check your thyroid gland by consulting your endocrinologist or cardiologist.

8.Intolerance of open windows

You should check your thyroid if you feel cold even in the summer. You can diagnose hypothyroidism because your body will lack iodine deficiency. Moreover, hypothyroidism can be caused by autoimmune disease, a Hashimoto disease, and one symptom is a cold intolerance. Again, this requires an endocrine specialist resilience.

9.Sudden onset of kleptomania

The will to break the law and steal small things, even though you can even afford them, can be the onset of symptoms of dementia. This problem is seldom solved because they hate to admit that they have a problem in addition to asking for help. Consequently, more attention should be paid to older persons and relatives, taut. Doctors who can help with this problem are a neurologist, a psychiatrist and a therapist.

10.Changes in your nails

If you begin to see that your nails become wider and more distorted, this indicates that your heart is experiencing problems. Nail tremor is a symptom of the pathological process caused by many diseases and is not itself a disease. The whole body must be examined. Consult your cardiologist and therapist. responsibility

11.Sudden dry skin

    Even if you have good skin but you suddenly see that your skin is unusually dry even in the summer, it is likely to be thyroid problems again. Hypothyroidism can be the cause here which causes excessive skin dryness on the hands and legs. Moreover, you may notice some hair loss as well reasons to be cheerful. You should never write off the unusual dry skin and you should not suspect that the problem will be eliminated by using    

only skin creams and moisturizers. See an endocrine specialist.

12.Mild to severe yellowing of eyes

Your eyes and nails should not be yellow at all. This sign of increased bilirubin can also warn you of an imminent attack of jaundice which means that your liver is in trouble. Consider testing the liver functions immediately and consult with your doctor.

13.Muscle cramping 

Constant muscular spasm and muscle aches can indicate a sign of magnesium deficiency. Magnesium, vitamins D, B, and E can prevent such problems from occurring. But ask your doctor to request a blood test to check the levels of these nutrients in your body to detect the problem. Massage the area with a circular motion may reduce the pain.

14.Heat intolerance

 If you feel that you feel unusually warm even when others do not also accompany them and sweating, it may be a sign of thyroid gland hyperthyroidism, hyperthyroidism. If you find that this is accompanied by loss of appetite and loss of weight, consult your endocrinologist immediately for a thyroid test.